Thursday, July 12


Lil't recently did her first singing concert since beginning lessons a term ago with Em. She is loving her lessons and she sings all the time, day and night, composing her own lyrics and tunes. This kid is so relaxed on stage! I love watching her perform. Ash and Em's concerts are lovely. A bunch of friends of various ages showing off what they have learnt that term. Informal and fun. Simple and quick. Leaves heaps of time for eating scones and chatting afterwards!



  1. Antony McManus12 July 2012 at 23:59

    Truly beautiful. What an awesome kid you are Tallulah. XXX <3

  2. She is pretty rad! I am so excited to watch her grow and watch her progress. xoxox

  3. Wow Tallulah, you are beautiful! This is fantastic. Well done :-)

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! Tallulah your voice is absolutely gorgeous and I can see just how much you have been practising! I am so proud to have to as my little cousin darling. Absolutely stunning <3